As a resident of Mount Vernon for over 31 years I’ve been blessed with the wonderful opportunity to successfully raise a family and expand my construction and development business.  This city has given me more than I could have ever imagined and I’m proud to call Mount Vernon my home.


Over the past few years however I’ve watched our taxes go up along with unemployment, while our basic services decline and our schools take a turn for the worst.  It’s time for a new direction

We refer to ourselves as  “the city that believes” – and the residents of Mount Vernon have wanted to believe for some time now that eventually, things in this city will change for the better.  But how can we believe anything will be


different when our actions continue to be the same?


Albert Einstein insightfully stated, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different




Armed with that knowledge and understanding, we can no longer continue to march to the same old drum thinking that the music will sound any different.


Action creates reaction, so if we’re unhappy with our leadership’s present reaction to the needs and concerns of our community, we must decisively change our course of action.  We cannot continue along a familiar yet directionless path.  We must instead check our collective GPS for an alternate route to our desired destination and adjust our course.  A fresh path, and a new direction, will certainly give us a result different from what we’ve experienced.  Now that’s real change!


Mount Vernon is a wonderfully diverse and dynamic community, however, becoming the best city in Westchester requires the right leadership.  We need a visionary leadership that will create new possibilities and opportunities – and ultimately a brighter future – for our residents.  With new leadership we can take the wheel and steer Mount Vernon in the right direction deemed necessary for our success.  We cannot continue to limit our present by the bad recycled ideas of the past that have no validity; we must change our city’s perspective. 


A fresh perspective will give new life to the content it encompasses, therein bringing much needed change to us all.  Our city lies on a pivotal point that can tilt either way at this important moment in time.  There are many challenges that the city of Mount Vernon faces, however these obstacles are not so formidable that they cannot be overcome.  With responsible leadership and a strong vision we can take Mount Vernon in a new direction that works for the benefit of everyone.


If we’re really going to be “a city that believes” we must first create a plan that the city can believe in. With the right leadership in place we can create a strong, comprehensive master building plan that will allow the city to sustain and soar to new heights of success and prosperity.  If we continue failing to plan, we certainly plan to fail, which has become our acceptable norm.  This is unacceptable!  If the leadership cannot effectively answer these simple questions, that leadership has ultimately failed us in my opinion:  What is Mount Vernon’s plan, and how do we accomplish it?  Mount Vernon needs strong leadership that will set forth concrete goals, visions and possibilities that inspire us and move us to action.  We need leadership that effectively affirms and unites our community rather than pushes us apart.  Strong leadership requires knowing how to work with others to achieve our goals, which is why I am running to become your next Mayor.

      As your Mayor you can count on me to help change the way our city operates.  Together we will work on new innovative ideas that will move our city forward in a positive direction by:


  • Lowering our unemployment rate and getting our residents back to work through new training programs that will create a well-trained and educated workforce to attract high-value employers.


  • Working diligently to keep property taxes down and generating alternate revenue that leads to middle-class tax relief, and lowering the cost of living to attract talents and firms that require them.


  • Bringing together public and private partnership that will expand our resources and help lift some of the burden off of the already over-taxed residents.  Advocating for corporate income tax cuts to attract additional physical and capital investments leading to job creation.


  • Partnering with our youth bureau, school system and outside vendors to create new improved educational programs, services and paradigms that produce jobs and greater opportunities for our youth. Developing and executing a comprehensive plan to attract new technology-based companies that employ a younger, educated and diverse workforce that is critical to our long-term sustainability.


  • Restoring quality of life by working with merchants and other community organizations to keep our shopping districts and streets clean.  Enhancing the natural beauty of our city with new landscapes to foster our tourism industry.


  • Working to bridge the gap between community and police relationships while restoring public trust and transparency in all parts of government.

  • Working to develop a comprehensive master building plan that encourages responsible economic development, which includes new green technology to improve our city and rebuild our infrastructure.


  • Granting every resident of Mount Vernon access to me at my office located at 28 East First Street, as well as all of my documents related to my work as Councilman including telephone records, public schedule and documentation pertaining to my travels in and out of Mount Vernon for the purpose of political work.  I believe that the Mount Vernon community is entitled to information about the work of their elected officials.  I promise to give you the level of transparency to which you are entitled.


      I truly believe Mount Vernon’s greatest days are just ahead, but we have to work together to get there. We must understand the honor, responsibility and extraordinary privilege it is to participate in the transformation of our city that will impact the lives of so many.  The opportunity to make a difference should never be taken lightly, nor shall it be forsaken for one’s own agenda.  We must be committed to conducting ourselves from the fundamental values that are at the heart of who we truly are, such as truth, integrity and responsibility.  As your Mayor I promise to be true to these values, principles and commitment to changing Mount Vernon for the better.


      This is who I am; this is what you can count on.



André Wallace